🏺Origin Story

The tech industry is too exclusive today. Somewhere along the line it became even harder to get an entry-level job in tech. Recently, employers started requiring higher levels of experience for first-time roles. This widens the gap for those changing careers and graduating from schooling.

The trend continues today: you'd be hard pressed to find full-time paid jobs for those with 0 experience in tech. You often need to be in college to get experience-building internships. Career changers are expected to go back to school and gain experience before getting a role. You can get in with a company if you have the privilege. The rest of the world has to hustle to gain an advantage.

Our founding contributor realized the potential if the world gave the newbies a chance. They sought to give voice and power to the unseen audiences who get shut out of tech careers today.

And so, the Tech Fleet community was born online and a revolution began. Over the years we’ve helped countless people around the world to level-up for their own tech careers.

Tech Fleet as an online community has existed since 2020 and has taken on over 50 projects with nonprofit organizations. Our community members have grown their own support system for each other. The entire community works together to form new support services for those trying to break into Tech. We're here to support anyone who wants to join in the mission of creating equitable access to Tech careers.

Outside of projects we hold social events, educational talks, support groups, and book clubs. As an organization, Tech Fleet's "talent network" is made up of those who've been through Tech Fleet apprenticeships. Whenever we get paying clients we'll offer paid freelancing gigs exclusively to Tech Fleet graduates in the community as our clients have come to expect the best working with Tech Fleet talent.

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