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This is the official user guide and manual for the Tech Fleet community
Visit Tech Fleet's information website for basic information about Tech Fleet that can also be found in the following user guide.

The Tech Fleet community expects that ALL Tech Fleet network activities, events, in-person forums, and digital forums abide by the Code of Conduct. You must read and agree to Tech Fleet's policies before engaging with the community.

Before you get to work, you must read and abide by all of the Tech Fleet Policies. Code of Conduct and Anti-Harassment Policy
UX Ethics From there, read through this entire User Guide, including About Us, Tech Fleet Programs, and Tech Fleet Handbooks sections to understand how to engage in Tech Fleet.

Safe Space

Go to Safe Space page for instructions how to report or request to talk. If you are being harassed, or witness someone else being harassed or otherwise uncomfortable, or if you think anyone is in violation of Tech Fleet's Code of Conduct for ANY other reason, or just want a safe space with someone to talk to, the community is here to help. Please report a Code of Conduct concern or send an email to [email protected]. We protect and support whomever reports. Read through all Policies and ensure you always abide by them, and help report violations.

What is Tech Fleet?

Tech Fleet is a community-led nonprofit that helps build tech talent from the ground up. We give anyone in the world a chance to gain real team experience in UX, Product Management, and Dev career paths. Over the years we've helped hundreds of people break into tech roles as a new grad or career changer.
Video produced by the Tech Fleet Video Production Guild 2023
Video produced by the Tech Fleet Video Production Guild 2023
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    Read through the entire user guide to get a sense of Tech Fleet and how it works including
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    Join Slack community when you're ready to start engaging with the community
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    Go engage with the community! Be a part of conversations, ask for a buddy in #welcome-buddy-up, and get prepared to shadow teams as an observer
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    Be an Observer: watch Tech Fleet apprenticeship teams work in Agile to learn the ropes before applying
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    Apply to projects as a lead or apprentice, and be sure you've read the handbooks beforehand

The Tech Fleet Community

You are not alone. Tech Fleet's community is full of new grads, career changers, and industry experts pitching in to help you break into tech. Our online community is hosted in Slack today, and has over 5,000 members. Outside of projects there are design challenges, social groups, book clubs, educational talks, support groups, and mentoring to get involved in. The more you're involved in the community the more you will get out of Tech Fleet. Join Slack today, and learn how to utilize Slack beforehand. Be sure to read our policies before you do!

How can I get involved in projects?

As an observer anyone can participate without applying. You can join any team meeting that's happening, and watch the apprenticeship teams in action. A lot of members start with observing as it helps to build confidence and helps to learn the Tech Fleet framework. Learn more here.
As an apprentice you must apply. You are a member of an agile, cross-functional team working for 8 weeks with a client. You're paired up with other apprentices and with leads who help guide the progress. Together you fail forward and learn how to work in an Agile environment. Learn more here.
As a lead you must apply. Anyone can be a lead in Tech Fleet without a portfolio, a resume, or experience. A lot of leads have prior experience in some field beforehand. You can join with a co-lead if you're inexperienced. Learn more here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get the most out of this guide

For new members, this space will be helpful during your first days with the community, to better learn about who we are and how we work.
For returning members, this space will act as a user guide to learn how to navigate Tech Fleet throughout your membership with the community.

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