Guilds in Tech Fleet

Today Tech Fleet has several parts of its ecosystem:

Board of Directors - the Board of Directors is the group within the nonprofit helps guide the direction of the nonprofit organization. The Board of Directors operates as described in our Bylaws.

Voting Contributors - the people in the community who've decided to obtain a vote. Voting power is obtained by contributing to Tech Fleet, either by being on a project (as a lead or apprentice), helping mentor in Tech Fleet, providing a service to the community, or being in a Guild. The more a person contributes to Tech Fleet in these ways, the more voting power they hold. Today voting is openly held in Slack in the #voting channel. In the future, members will need to obtain a digital asset called the Tech Fleet Passport in order to be able to vote.

Non-voting Contributors - people in the community who do not have the ability to vote, or don't want to, but take part in Tech Fleet programs and services. Non-voting members play a role in Tech Fleet's success because these are the people we serve and bring value to, and their feedback counts toward making the organization a success.

Leadership Guild - a team of executive leaders serving different roles in Tech Fleet. Leadership Guild members will be voted into their positions in the future. Today there are three roles: Head of UX, Head of Product, and Head of Operations.

Project Coordinator Guild - a team that manages projects in Tech Fleet, and gets them started. This guild handles the client relationship, work scope, team building, and timelines before projects begin.

Infrastructure Guild - a team that designs the structure and services of the Tech Fleet customer experience. They handle documentation, processes, on-boarding experiences, and services for Tech Fleet community members.

Video Production Guild - a team that produces videos for various different purposes in Tech Fleet. This could be instructional guides, community courses, or otherwise.

Apprentice Success Guild (NEW) - a team that's dedicated to building structures, processes, and services to help apprentices get the most out of Tech Fleet. This includes getting expert mentors engaged, building outside partnerships with other organizations, providing more structured guidance, and other topics that pertain to helping apprentices succeed in their journey.

Product Team Guild (NEW) - a team that designs, builds, and delivers Tech Fleet's products, and the Tech Fleet customer experience, together with the infrastructure guild. They are the "internal product team" for Tech Fleet. They own the website, platform, membership, and other parts of the customer experience.

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