🚧Infrastructure Guild

Mission and Purpose


The Infrastructure guild builds the operational standards within the Tech Fleet community. They moderate the #community-ideas-and-discussion Slack channel, listen to concerns, and act on them to better the experience for new and existing members.

This could be:

  1. Slack organization

  2. Onboarding for new members

  3. Project operations

  4. Leadership structure

  5. User guides and documentation

  6. New services for Tech Fleet

  7. Ethics and other policy guidelines

  8. Anything else that defines with the day-to-day in the Tech Fleet community

Read More in the Guild Handbook

βš’οΈpageGuild Handbook

Infrastructure Guild Backlog

The team manages a backlog of tasks they work weekly.

How to join the Infrastructure Guild

New details will be released in the future pertaining to how one can contribute to the Infrastructure Guild of Tech Fleet.

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