✨Community Happenings

Here are some of the things happening around the community. Check out the Tech Fleet web calendar for event info

β˜•οΈ Community Chats

Every week, the community members host community chats welcome to all. Check out the Tech Fleet web calendar for days and times.

β˜•οΈ Open office hours

Once a week, Tech Fleet leadership hosts a coffee chat for whoever is open and interested, Bring your questions!

🀝 Community Buddy system

We are in this to help each other, and you can't go it alone! Request a buddy in #welcome-buddy-up channel within Slack to pair up.

πŸ“š UX Book club

The community holds a book club every month, check out #ux-book-club channel in Slack to join in the fun.

πŸ“― Tech Fleet Talks

Every so often, the community hosts educational talks covering different topics. Stay tuned in #announcements channel in slack for the latest updates.

🌍 IRL meetups

Different world regions have their own slack channels where people in co-located areas coordinate to meet up and hang. Check out the meetup channels in Slack!

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