🚩Tools Used in Tech Fleet Programs


Slack is our main communication hub. Learn more about Slack here.

Pre-Kickoff Check List

The Tech Fleet Infrastructure Guild has created project checklists for you to keep track of before your project goes live. Your project coordinator should make a copy of the documents in this folder and move them to your appropriate project folder, then grant you access to them so you have a list of reminders to do before your project kicks off.


Notion is used for Tech Fleet project repositories, where teams document their work for historical purposes.

The Project Coordinator will create a project page for the team

Check out the Tech Fleet project repository in Notion.

Vowel Zoom (We changed)

Zoom is Tech Fleet's video meeting tool. Not all projects use Zoom, but most teams do. With it, recordings and notes can be managed. All meeting links, whether Zoom or otherwise, should show on Tech Fleet Calendar events.

The Project Coordinator will share a Google log in for the team so that they can use the Tech Fleet Zoom account (Video recording storage and transcription for each project).

Storing, documenting, and rewatching recordings

  • Record meetings that are important for the team (and shadowers)

  • Document recordings in Notion and share links on appropriate Slack channels

  • Please make sure that you are sharing a link that is open to anyone with that link as appropriate

Check out a video tutorial for Zoom here


For scheduling team meetings and establishing availabilities


Figma's the main design tool Tech Fleet teams use on projects.

Design Lead: Create a Master Figma and Figjam file for your team

  • FigJam - great for brainstorming / sprint planning / retros / workshops


Tech Fleet uses Google for shared calendars and meeting scheduling.

The same email shared by the Project Coordinator allows for the team to have a dedicated email for scheduling research sessions and a focused calendar for the team.

  • When creating meetings for the team use the same project prefix everywhere. Examples: β€œ#Project-Design” on Slack, β€œProject-Design Working Session”, β€œProject-Sprint Planning”

    • This makes it easier for team members and shadowers to find the meetings

  • Add all team members to the respective google calendar

  • Add a zoom meeting to the invite with the "Zoom for Google Workspace" add-on

  • Invite techfleetnetwork@gmail.com so that meetings appear on the Tech Fleet Google Calendar (Skip for NDA projects)

  • Create agendas before all meetings. This ensures the meeting stays on track when they need to.

Steps for using the Vowel Google Calendar plug-in

  1. Log in to Google Calendar using the project login.

  2. Log in to Vowel using the project login.

  3. Install the "Vowel Browser Extension" for Chrome.

  4. Once you do this, you should be able to create project meetings in Google Calendar and you'll have the option to "Add a Vowel Meeting"


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