❓Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some quick answers to your most common questions about Tech Fleet

What is Tech Fleet?

Tech Fleet is an inclusive tech organization that helps build tech talent from the ground up. We are a nonprofit seeking 501(c)(3) public charity status.

We offer professional development programs based on real-world learning for UX, Product, Project Management, Development, and other tech roles. You can build team experience working on Tech Fleet teams solving problems with clients. The community works with other nonprofit clients and builds open source software for the public good. Hundreds of people have gone through our programs and are now working in tech careers.

What are Tech Fleet's rules and regulations?

Our rules and regulations live in the form of our Policies and bylaws. The Tech Fleet community expects that ALL Tech Fleet network activities, events, in-person forums, and digital forums abide by the Code of Conduct. We have a zero tolerance policy against harassment or anything in violation of our code of conduct of any kind. We hold ourselves and our community to the highest professional standards. We have a strict Code of Conduct and Anti-Harassment Policy, a strict Slack and Discord Policy, and other Policies all must read, agree, and live by. Our nonprofit bylaws can be found here. Go to Safe Space page for instructions how to report or request to talk. If you are being harassed, or witness someone else being harassed or otherwise uncomfortable, or if you think anyone is in violation of Tech Fleet's Code of Conduct for ANY other reason, or just want a safe space with someone to talk to, the community is here to help. Please report a Code of Conduct concern or send an email to safespace@techfleet.org. We protect and support whomever reports. Read through all Policies and ensure you always abide by them, and help report violations.

How can I join projects?

There are 3 ways to participate in projects:

As an observer anyone can participate without applying. You can join any team meeting that's happening, and watch the apprenticeship teams in action. A lot of members start with observing as it helps to build confidence and helps to learn the Tech Fleet framework. Learn more here.

As an apprentice you must apply. You are a member of an agile, cross-functional team working for 8 weeks with a client. You're paired up with other apprentices and with leads who help guide the progress. Together you fail forward and learn how to work in an Agile environment. Learn more here.

As a lead you must apply. Anyone can be a lead in Tech Fleet without a portfolio, a resume, or experience. A lot of leads have prior experience in some field beforehand. You can join with a co-lead if you're inexperienced. Learn more here. As a mentor you can sign up to guide in specific subject matter areas you know well. Right now, the process for project mentors is new and in pilot. If you are interested in mentoring, seek the @Mentors role in Discord through the #join-projects and the #mentors-get-ready channel. More information about Discord will be added to this guide soon. If you are interested in mentoring right now, email info@techfleet.org and express your interest! We're happy to place you on live projects.

What can I apply to right now?

Check our Current and Upcoming Programs page for the full list of live and upcoming opportunities. Join our mailing list to get alerted when we open new programs for you to apply to.

Is this school?

NO! School holds your hand and gives you prompts for success. Tech Fleet's meant for you to prepare for the real-world expectations in the industry along with your peers.

Apprenticeship teams in Tech Fleet are modeled based on the industry teams for in-house and agency roles. Teams are in an environment where they are accountable for the work and able to fail safely, trying new things and learning how to do the work for the first time. It is, however, the "deep end of the pool" and one should mentally prepare for this kind of environment. Tech Fleet helps you truly get ready for the convoluted real-world of product life.

What kind of company is Tech Fleet?

Tech Fleet is a community-led nonprofit seeking 501(c)3 public charity status. Community members, Guilds, nonprofit officers, and the Board of Directors carry out our mission to create fair access to tech careers through our programs. Read about our organization structure in the guide for more.

What should I do first?

Before you get to work, you must read and abide by all of the Tech Fleet Policies. Code of Conduct and Anti-Harassment Policy

Slack and Discord Policy

Information Security Procedures

Disclaimers and Terms and Conditions

UX Ethics From there, join our Slack community and read through this entire User Guide, including About Us, Tech Fleet Programs, and Tech Fleet Handbooks sections to understand how to engage in Tech Fleet.

What career paths are available in Tech Fleet?

We open roles based on client demand and project needs, so each program that opens has different roles.

We serve the following career paths in our programs:

  1. UX Research

  2. UX Design

  3. UX Writing

  4. Project Management

  5. Product Strategy / Management

  6. Web Development

  7. Blockchain Development

Read the section about supported roles in the user guide

Is there a Pets channel?

YES #pets-of-tech-fleet

Does Tech Fleet cost anything to join the community?


Anyone can join the community and join projects at no cost. The only things we charge for in Tech Fleet will be masterclasses, which have a small fee to join ($50 or country equivalent). These classes are not required to complete other Tech Fleet programs (like team project work). In the future we will seek revenue from public support and offer services like one-on-one career coaching or other ways to help that require fees to participate.

Otherwise, we will always remain inclusive in who we serve (the unemployed and underemployed) and seek to cut down costs for community contributors as much as possible. Tech Fleet community is free to join and contribute to. We plan to open opportunities in the future for contributors, our lovely talent in the community, to get paid by mentoring in Tech Fleet, teaching a class, coaching, freelancing, or more.

We welcome all who abide by our Code of Conduct. You can observe, attend most events, and contribute to projects without paying anything.

Masterclasses are free today. We plan to charge for masterclasses in the future (like $50+ per class), and plan to offer services for you to get one-on-one career coaching or mentoring with professionals for small fees.

Can I apply to different roles on programs?

Yes! Apply to as many roles as you'd like, but be prepared to pick one as your top priority if you're asked to choose. A lot of programs require time and energy and it's best to dedicate focus on one at a time, although you can choose to be a part of multiple programs at once.

Can I apply to multiple programs at once?

Yes! Apply to as many programs as you'd like, but be prepared for the time and energy commitment. A lot of programs require time and energy and it's best to dedicate focus on one at a time, although you can choose to be a part of multiple programs at once.

Can I be on multiple project teams at a time?

Generally, no, we limit our members to being on one project team at a time so they can focus their energy on learning and contributing within their team. If someone is on two projects for less than 3 weeks it's generally ok to be on multiple projects, but otherwise, we limit it to ensure fairness in people joining opportunities.

Do I need a resume and portfolio to qualify?

No! Tech Fleet's one of the only orgs in existence that allows people with 0 experience to get into team roles, even as a lead or apprentice. You often need the educational foundation and skills before getting into programs but it's possible to do so without any experience or any schooling. Check out the apprentice handbook for more information.

How can I observe what it's like before I apply?

Anyone in the world is welcome to observe any project meeting, and watch the teams work. This helps build confidence, and helps you understand what the cross-functional work looks like in Tech Fleet. Read more about life on projects, and read the observer handbook for all the details.

What ways can I receive support in Tech Fleet?

You can get support in a variety of ways in Tech Fleet:

  • Through peers in the community

  • Through Tech Fleet programs

  • By emailing safespace@techfleet.org for Code of Conduct Concerns

  • By emailing info@techfleet.org for general inquiries

  • There are Slack channels like #welcome-buddy-up and #calling-all-shadowers that offer support for new members.

What's the application process in Tech Fleet programs?

The application and team-building process is similar to the normal hiring process. Tech Fleet project coordinators open applications after agreeing to scope with clients, and then open applications for short periods of time. The leads on the project who get chosen will hire apprentices who've applied. Read more about the application process.

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