Project Intake Process

Initial Contact with the Client

Projects can come to Tech Fleet in various ways; word-of-mouth referrals, internal ideas brought to Morgan, or the Client Intake form from social media (and embedded on the website in the future).

Jotform Client Intake Form

Owner: Morgan Denner Link:

When a new client fills out the form, an email alert is sent, otherwise, they can be found in the account’s inbox. Any updates or changes to the form will need to be made through Morgan’s account.

Work Agreement Draft

Owner: Tech Fleet Google Drive Link (can be found in the Project folder):

With information from the Client Intake form, a first draft of a Work Agreement can be made. It is okay to keep it high-level at this point. Make note of anything you feel is missing and any questions for the first client call.

The template is based on an 8-week pro-bono project. Assuming this is the first phase of the project historically Dev and Content are not included. Adjust all the roles as necessary based on the client and user needs. Replace or remove all highlighted areas.

First Client Call

Facilitated by Morgan Denner or Project Coordinator

After receiving the Jotform an email is sent to the client expressing Tech Fleet’s interest in working with them (or not). Typically the call is arranged using Morgan’s Calendly, if not the Project Coordinator should use their own or other methods they are comfortable with. On the call topics will include:

  • Introductions

  • Brief description of Tech Fleet

  • Description of the project

  • Any questions from going over the Intake Form

  • Assess and discuss project needs to build a team

    • Unlaunched project: Project Lead, Research, Design, & Strategy

    • Live or near live: add Dev and UX Writing as needed

  • etc.

Tip: Have the first draft of the Work Agreement open in a different screen so you can update and add notes live.

Google Drive Organization

All of the Project folders live on the Tech Fleet Google Drive. Once you are ready create a folder labeled with the project name. The docs you create will live here. If the project is continuing on to a new phase create a subfolder for the previous phase.

Work Agreement & Scope Refinement

Owner: Project Coordinator Found in Tech Fleet Google Drive Reviewed by Morgan Denner

Following the call, edit the Work Agreement as needed. Once ready, send it to the client for review. If a project is paying a set amount or through equity additional refinement is often needed through several iterations. Best, to set permissions to β€œComment” for quick changes.

Project Agreement

Facilitated by Morgan Denner or Project Coordinator

Once the project has been agreed on either verbally or in writing the Project Coordinator can start creating the Job Descriptions and Applications.

**NDA Projects:**For paid projects or projects requiring a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) additional steps will need to be taken. PLEASE NOTE: It is the client’s responsibility to create the NDA, not Tech Fleet or the Project Coordinator. When Tech Fleet needs to remotely sign binding legal documents such as an NDA, there is a Tech Fleet account with: Hello Sign

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