Code of Conduct for Project Coordinators

All community members of Tech Fleet must read and abide by all of Tech Fleet's policies before engaging in the community.

Go to Safe Space page for instructions how to report or request to talk. If you are being harassed, or witness someone else being harassed or otherwise uncomfortable, or if you think anyone is in violation of Tech Fleet's Code of Conduct for ANY other reason, or just want a safe space with someone to talk to, the community is here to help. Please report a Code of Conduct concern or send an email to We protect and support whomever reports. Read through all Policies and ensure you always abide by them, and help report violations.

The Tech Fleet community expects that ALL Tech Fleet network activities, events, in-person forums, and digital forums abide by the Code of Conduct. We have a zero tolerance policy against harassment or anything in violation of our code of conduct of any kind.

Project Coordinators must abide by our code of conduct. Project Coordinators are encouraged to use Safe Space to report violations of code of conduct in a safe and secure way. Read through our Policies before engaging with Tech Fleet.

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