Using Tools as a Project Coordinator

Pre-Kickoff Check List

Owner: Project Coordinator

Facilitated by Project Coordinator and Leads

The Tech Fleet Infrastructure Guild has created project checklists for you to keep track of before your project goes live. Copy the documents in this folder and move them to your appropriate project folder after you copy them, then you can check items off after you complete them.

Organizing the Apprentice Spreadsheet

Owner: Project Coordinator / Leads

Facilitated by Project Coordinator

  • Create a spreadsheet from the β€œResponses” tab of the Google Form. This will automatically populate in a Google Sheets doc.

  • Add a sheet and label it for each individual team

  • Copy and paste the appropriate apprentices to the individual team tab

  • Replace the timestamp column with Notes

    • Here list any Apprentice or Lead position currently held by the applicant (if known)

Creating Slack Channels

Owner: Morgan Denner

Facilitated by Project Coordinator

Message Morgan with the list of channels. Morgan is the only person with permissions as the Workplace Owner. There are currently no Slack admins.

Channels needed will be based on the teams for the project. Here are some examples: #(project)-design #(project)-research


Created by Project Coordinator

Owner: Project Team


Create a copy of the Workspace Template for each new project. The Workspace Template has everything to get the project started. How the team uses it is up to them. Projects continuing into the next phase might like to use the original Notion, so check first.

Notion is the preferred tool for organizing projects and for Sprint Planning (see Sprint Hub).

If the project is under an NDA make sure to limit access to β€œedit” and only invite people that have signed the NDA. Give the Project Lead β€œFull Access” so they can also add or remove people as necessary.

Team Gmail

Created by Project Coordinator (it’s just easier sometimes)

Owner: Project Team

With a team Gmail account, the project will be able to have a dedicated calendar, a professional email for reaching out to users for testing, and scheduling meetings through Vowel on their calendar. Share the login information on the Leads channel. Typical format:{project}

Zoom is the preferred video conferencing tool of Tech Fleet. You can record and store meetings, get a transcript, make notes with action items, and set the agenda before the meeting.

Provide your team email and it will be added to the Zoom account.

Instructions on creating Zoom Meetings with project email:

  • Login into Google Calendar with the project email

  • Create the meeting on the calendar

  • Select Zoom Meeting from the dropdown "Add Google Meet Video Conferencing"

  • Invite so that it gets sent to the Tech Fleet calendar (if the project has an NDA skip this step)

  • Someone (anyone) can log in with the project Google account to start the meeting

  • Make them reoccurring if you want (for the duration of the project)

NDA Projects


  • Add notes to the Job Description and applications that all team members will be required to sign an NDA

  • All Slack channels must be kept private

  • Notion access restricted to only NDA signers

  • Team meetings are kept off of the Tech Fleet calendar and are only open to team members

  • NO project shadowers unless agreed by the client and they must sign an NDA

  • All links and documentation kept off of open channels or Notion

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