🌠Application Tips

  1. Be Vigilant - Look out for information on upcoming Tech Fleet projects by following #announcements and #tech-fleet-project-postings.

  2. Follow & Contribute - At Tech Fleet we believe that contribution = growth. Those who contribute should be awarded more opportunities to contribute further. Being a project observer is a great way of understanding the working dynamics of a Tech Fleet team and making a contribution to the community.

  3. Shadow shadow shadow! - Observers gain advantage in Tech Fleet programs because they've seen the work happen on teams. We recommend you shadow for one full week, watching as many team meetings on one project that you can, so you get a full sense of the work ahead. Show in your application responses that you've shadowed, and your leads will be able to tell you've prepared for the apprenticeship program.

  4. Apply apply apply! - When project applications open up, they are for anyone wanting to apply. We don’t ask for a resumΓ© or a portfolio. What we are most interested in is your willingness to learn and help others do the same. This sentiment should be reflected in your application.

  5. Write with quality over quantity - When you write your application responses, be sure to write detailed and concise answers with as much context as you can build. When leads look at your responses they only have these to go off, and your history in Tech Fleet, to decide whether you're a good fit to interview. So don't be afraid to show your passion, show your chops, show your gumption in these responses.

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