Project Coordinator Process

  1. Tech Fleet meets with client to collect needs

  2. Client and Tech Fleet build a scope and deliverables document

  3. Tech Fleet determines project roles

  4. Tech Fleet project coordinator creates applications

  5. Tech Fleet opens applications to the community for 5 days

  6. Applications close

  7. Leads who applied get interviewed by the project coordinator

  8. Lead team forms

  9. Leads work to choose their interviewees from the list who've applied

  10. Leads reach out and schedule up to 10 interviews with potential apprentices who've applied

  11. Leads pick up to 4 apprentices from those they've interviewed

  12. Leads and project coordinator build the "Next Up" list

  13. Team does ice breakers

  14. Team builds backlog and performs pre-sprint activities

  15. Project sprint kicks off for 8 weeks

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