Kickoff as a Project Coordinator


You have made it to kickoff! In theory, most of your work is done. Attend a couple of meetings to show your support or help answer questions. Otherwise enjoy the ride and watch what the team accomplishes.

Supporting the project throughout

As we know, every project is different. Some will be self-sufficient the moment you put them in the β€œroom” together, others will need more direction. Only step in when asked. Tech Fleet projects give people the opportunity to work on real-life projects with all the pivots, constraints, and communication skills that go with them. It may not be easy at times, but these moments will strengthen their UX skills. Try to encourage team collaboration to overcome their blockers.

Occasionally Apprentices and Leads have to leave a project, if this requires the Project Coordinator to reopen applications do so quickly and ask for help if needed to spread the word.

Project Reflection

In Week 4 check in with the Project Lead to send the Project Reflection Survey to the general channel. This is a great way for the Lead’s team to get feedback outside of Retro.

Update HR Tracking

Check in with Project and Team Leads to make sure they have updated the Tech Fleet HR Tracking Sheet with any apprentices or leads who started the project late or left the project early.

Getting feedback on the project and next steps

In the last week of the project encourage the Leads to seek feedback from their apprentices.

Owner: Project Coordinator

On the last day of the project, post the above link to the general Slack channel. The purpose of this questionnaire is to gather project feedback. Also, to see how Tech Fleet members want to stay active in the community and encourage additional ways to stay involved.

Include a message congratulating the team and something along the following:

"We would love to hear how everything went on the project and what’s next for you in this 5-minute Post Project Questionnaire.

Keep our Slack channel in your Slack sidebar for easy ways to keep contributing to the overall TF community, such as:

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