Application Process

Once you find a project you are interested in (or a couple) and you have submitted a thoughtful application, what comes next?

  1. After the applications close, the Project Coordinator will build the Leads team

    1. Interviewing the Lead applicants and confirming commitment to the project

    2. An announcement will project’s general channel

  2. Once the Leads team is formed they will go through all the Apprentice applications and reach out to schedule interviews (usually a week or two after applications close)

  3. Leads will interview the Apprentices applicants (one week to complete)

  4. Leads will offer roles and finalize their team (one week to complete)

    1. Announcements should be made on the project’s general channel confirming the entire team

  5. Project pre-kickoff activities begin

    1. Icebreakers

    2. Working agreements

    3. General onboarding

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