Becoming an Apprentice

Anyone can become an apprentice. There are no requirements. If you are interested in becoming an apprentice on a Tech Fleet project, there are a few things you should do:

  1. Be Vigilant - Look out for information on upcoming Tech Fleet projects by following #announcements and #tech-fleet-project-postings.

  2. Follow & Contribute - At Tech Fleet we believe that contribution = growth. Those who contribute should be awarded more opportunities to contribute further. Being a project observer is a great way of understanding the working dynamics of a Tech Fleet team and making a contribution to the community.

  3. Apply! - When project applications open up, they are for anyone wanting to apply. We don’t ask for a resumΓ© or a portfolio. What we are most interested in is your willingness to learn and help others do the same. This sentiment should be reflected in your application.

πŸ’‘ Even though these are volunteer projects, they are still valuable real-life, client-facing experience. When you take an extra moment to put the effort in, it really shows. And when it comes time for the Leads to pick who to interview these responses stand out.

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