How to Select Your Apprentices as a Lead

The Project Coordinator will share a spreadsheet of candidates for the individual leads to choose applicants to interview. Each team will have its own tab at the bottom.

You are empowered to determine the criteria that you are looking for in an apprentice. Tech Fleet does not have a set of rules around this. But, from learning from previous projects, we have included a list of things to think about:

  • How much effort did they put into the application?

  • Did they take the time to learn about the project or client?

  • If it is a new product did they do any research on understanding the problem space?

  • Do they seem to have the technical skills or potential to do the job?

The Project Coordinator will do their best to keep Apprentices that are currently on other projects updated and listed in the notes column, please make them the lowest priority to interview. Unless the current project will end before this one starts.

Depending on how many apprentices applied and how many are in the running, Leads typically interview around 10 apprentices. From that a team of 3 to 5 apprentices are chosen.

Think about what kind of role you as a lead want to have on the project too. Do you want to be hands on working alongside the apprentices? The goal is to find a good balance of enough work for everyone to do to feel engaged, but not so much that anyone feels overwhelmed or is working more than 20 hours a week on the project.

One other thing to keep in mind while choosing the size of the team, life happens and you might lose an apprentice over the course of the project. People get jobs, they have family matters to take care of, and so on.

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